Dansko Shoes with Koolstuff

dansko-logo-print.jpgHere at Koolstuff we are committed to supplying the best brands at the best prices and we are thrilled to introduce the high quality, well designed, famous Dansko range of shoes. The Dansko shoes company, Dansko meaning "Danish shoe", was established in 1990 in the United States and soon became famous from their classic rocker-bottom stapled clog. Dansko now have heels, boots, flats and wedges.

These fantastic shoes were designed for the professionals who need to spend long hours on their feet, such as hospitality staff, nurses, airline staff, teachers, retail etc. Dansko are so comfortable they have been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance.  Once on, people love Dansko and have become brand loyal and tell all their co-workers about Dansko shoes. Already huge in the States, Dansko is currently the #1 clog brand in America, this word of mouth is quickly making Dansko one of Australia's favourite comfortable and stylish work shoes.

Dansko have quickly grown from the simple clog to a large range of well designed shoes including women's fashion shoes, women's professional shoes, women's professional clogs, women's fashion clogs, men's clogs, kid's clogs, kid's shoes, women's sandals and women's boots.

Some of the main features of Dansko shoes are:

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