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Oliver Boots

Here at Koolstuff we have the biggest range of Oliver Boots online, we have all the styles, all the sizes and they all come with free delivery, free returns and we are the cheapest online. By James Robertson - Koolstuff Australia

  • At 45 Series for rugged outdoor working environments as with the
  • At 55 Series but with the added toe bumper and heel protection.
  • AT 65 Series has the protection of Caustic Resistance and/or Water Resistant Leather Construction including the high leg Mining Boots.
  • HS 25 Series is specialized footwear for smelter and high temp environments.
  • HS 66 Series is specifically designed for firefighting.
  • PB 28 Series is for the professional who needs to look smart and have the protection of a safety toe.
  • PB 48 Series is designed for women, includes shoes and boots with the toe cap protection.
  • ST 40 Series is a range of sports style shoes with toe cap protection, both in lace up and slip on.
  • ST 44 Series is a metal free range with composite toe protection, great for airports.
  • WB 34 Series is designed for comfort and added grip.

Below are the Oliver Boots in their series, take your time to go through them to find the right Oliver Boot to suit your needs. Order them now and you'll have them in a few days.

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