Telic Thongs Z-Strap Flip Flops Island Coral


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Telic Thongs Z-Strap Flip Flops Island Coral (Z-StrapCoral)
  • An All New Design from Telic that encompasses all the features of the original except there is no wedge between your toes and the Z Strap design gives great support and grabs onto your feet.
  • The Telic thongs have been designed to eliminate all the issues that made the old style thongs annoying.
  • The designers of Telic thongs have come up with a shape and material mix that puts new life and pleasure into wearing thongs.
  • The main feature that you will notice at first about Telic thongs is the weight, they are incredibly light, it's like wearing air.
  • Once you put them on you will understand what the hype is about, Telic thongs are ridiculously comfortable!
  • The shape fits your foot like a glove, your feet do not slide around or twist and unlike regular thongs you don't have to curl your toes to keep them on. After wearing regular thongs over a weekend my feet and lower back were killing me, so I thought I would try these out (I was a bit sceptical at first) but after a couple of days I didn't want to take them off.
  • These are my new favourites, I have a pair for inside the house and outside.
  • They even float which makes them great for the beach, you can wear them straight into the water without a worry, and because they fit so well chances are they won't come off anyway.
  • Do yourself a favour and grab yourself a pair or two, you won't regret it.


  • HEAT ACTIVATED - The material reacts with your body temperature, and you will feel the shoe conforming to your foot. The raised texture will soften and the shoe will feel like a natural extension of your feet.
  • ANATOMICALLY CORRECT - Telic shoes are contoured to support the arches of your feet. The shoes have a deep heel cup, and good medial arch support. A slight heel rocker offloads heel pressure and accentuates arch support. An excellent shoe for people who love arch support and cushioning.
  • SPECIAL BLEND OF ELASTO-POLYMERS - The unique blend of elasto-polymers provides exceptional cushioning, rebound, and elasticity. Telic shoes not only absorb shock, but they have a noticeable “bounce back” effect. The elasticity of the material provides a secure, snug fit for a wide variety of foot shapes. They float, are non-porous, anti-bacterial, and machine washable!
  • TEXTURED FOOTBED - The textured footbed has a gentle massaging effect, but also helps prevent your feet from sliding around if your feet get wet. Great for water sports, the boat and aquatic lifestyles.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE - For used shoes that we do not repurpose to those in need, our material will be ground up and used to make new footwear.